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        Quanzhou Pan-Sports Industrial Co.,Ltd.is established in 1996,it's a professional manufacturer in Sporting Goods,Leisure Goods,Artworks&Crafts.We Mainly Specialize in Researching&Developing,Producing and Marketing Area.

        Our company is located in bangde Industrial Zone,Yongchun County,Quanzhou City,Fujian Province.It's near the Quanzhou -sanming High Way Road,a convenience traffic envionment. We have been established 25,000square of the modernization factory and production lines,and absorpting a whole set of International production equipments&machines,which insure the products to be manufactured strictly through international exporting quality controlling&standards.Our products mainly export to North America,Europe,Australia,and China mainland market.All the prodcuts passed and catch up to the certification of ASTM-F963\16 CFR1303,and the Four Poison Control by National Environmental Protectional Standard.Our main products are Croquet Set series,Bocce Set series(Resin or Plastic material),Poker Table series,Card Playing Games Table series,Billiards Games Series,Wooden Furniture,wooden Crafts,etc.

        We believe the commitment:"Integrity,Exploit,Innovation,Win -Win" with customers and business partners,establishing a flexible coorperation relationship with you.We accept OEM production,and supply wonderful Researching&Developing Sample,a sincere to develop your local market,International popular designing products in your market requirement.Let's aim to a strategic goal:"Transmit&Bring Human Health & Benefits"together!